happy as a sandboy

happy as a sandboy
extremely happy

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • happy as a sandboy —  Very happy. Very carefree …   A concise dictionary of English slang

  • (as) happy as a sandboy (or Brit. Larry or N. Amer. a clam) — extremely happy. [prob. orig. denoting a boy hawking sand for sale.] → happy …   English new terms dictionary

  • be as happy as a sandboy — be as happy as Larry/a sandboy British & Australian, American to be very happy and to have no worries. We married nine days after we met, and three years on we re happy as Larry. Since he s been at college he s as happy as a clam …   New idioms dictionary

  • sandboy — ► NOUN (in phrase as happy as a sandboy) ▪ extremely happy or carefree. ORIGIN probably originally denoting a boy going around selling sand …   English terms dictionary

  • sandboy — n. Phrases and idioms: happy as a sandboy extremely happy or carefree. Etymology: prob. = a boy hawking sand for sale * * * noun a young peddler of sand; used now only to express great happiness in happy as a sandboy • Regions: ↑United Kingdom,… …   Useful english dictionary

  • happy — adj. (happier, happiest) 1 feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. 2 a fortunate; characterized by happiness. b (of words, behaviour, etc.) apt, pleasing. 3 colloq. slightly drunk. 4 (in comb.) colloq. inclined to use excessively or at random …   Useful english dictionary

  • sandboy — /ˈsændbɔɪ/ (say sandboy) phrase happy as a sandboy, Colloquial extremely happy …   Australian English dictionary

  • happy — /ˈhæpi / (say hapee) adjective (happier, happiest) 1. characterised by or indicative of pleasure, content, or gladness: a happy mood. 2. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person. 3. favoured by fortune; …   Australian English dictionary

  • happy — adjective (happier, happiest) 1》 feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.     ↘willing to do or accept something. 2》 fortunate and convenient: a happy coincidence. 3》 [in combination] informal inclined to use a specified thing excessively or… …   English new terms dictionary

  • sandboy — noun a) A boy who sells sand Up and down the street not a child was to be seen. A sandboy with a donkey cart was the sole human arrangement in it. b) A proverbially happy or jolly person Drink always rubbed him the right way, and he would reach… …   Wiktionary